by priscilla and cheyenne

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these songs are like 10 stones that tumbled around for years until some of the rough edges were knocked off, eventually revealing bright-colored insides.


released April 1, 2014

the credits:

songs by priscilla medders/mechanic’s daughter music (ascap) except silver fell by priscilla medders/mechanic’s daughter music and cheyenne medders/dancing room (sesac)

recorded, engineered, produced by cheyenne medders at the court, cedarstone, club 703, home
co-produced by priscilla medders
mixed by melissa mattey at width music
mastered by alex mccullough at yes master
nashville, tennessee

string quartet (dreaming of when): arrangement and recording by allan douglas; contractor: david davidson

ghost choir (amaryllis): heather lawson, samantha lawson, charlotte lawson, george pendergrass, pam pendergrass, kyle gott, lydia gott, nathan gott, ellie gott, brandon ragsdale, matt fox, taylor burgess, rett wood, michelle bailey, annette rudolph

piano (i take it all back): shannon wickline

harp (flowers for a queen): natalie rogers

drums: will medders

singing, some guitars, jaw harp: priscilla medders

everything else: cheyenne medders

photography: jen mcdonald

layout: priscilla medders

"Bring the Day!," copyright © 1951 by Theodore Roethke; from COLLECTED POEMS by Theodore Roethke. Used by permission of Doubleday, an imprint of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, a division of Random House LLC. All rights reserved.

the thank-yous:

thanks to chey. thanks to mom, julie, jule, joy, suzanne, stephanie, holly, laura, barbara, karen, many others who encouraged this dream. thanks to allan douglas, monty powell, anna wilson, kevin lawson, eric silver. thanks to sammy for the amaryllis.


all rights reserved



Priscilla and Cheyenne Nashville, Tennessee

Priscilla and Cheyenne Medders are a Nashville-based, newly-wedded duo with a shared love of folk music.

Having coincidentally moved to Nashville the same week from opposite ends of Highway 41—Cheyenne from Georgia, Priscilla from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—the two initially met through friends and later connected through music.
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Track Name: One Sting
they say a honeybee has only got one sting
the decision to use it is a final thing
well a beating heart’s the same
you gotta be sure before you give it away

so where do you see yourself
in sickness and in health?

in an endless ocean you’re a little pearl
there’s nobody like you in this sweet old world
but no wonder you’re losing hope
putting yourself under a microscope

you’ve been choosing to see yourself
as less than everyone else

all we have is a moment
like blades of grass in a field
gone gone in an instant
i wanna get it right
all we have is a moment
like flowers in a garden
gone, gone in an instant

so baby i can see myself
choosing you above all else
Track Name: Flowers For A Queen
while i looked up at the blue
one hundred leaves twirled to the ground
amber and gold and ruby and green
fell ‘round me like flowers for a queen

i’ll picture you there with me
one afternoon i visit in dreams
a weathered canoe, the fragrance of leaves
the little cedar river, mossy green

the current bears us
soundlessly through dusk
waiting for your love
to break the silence
Track Name: Silver Fell
money for the train
money for the bus
and i’m broke again

waiting in the rain
silver falls on us
and we smile again

and luck has never been so kind
to give you back the chance you left behind
to give you back the chance you left behind

children in the street
it’s a sunny day
glad it’s spring again

wishing we could meet
i wanna feel ok
i miss you again

and love has never been so blind
to give you back the one you left behind
to give you back the one you left behind

i’m turning off my broken record
and pulling up the roots of ruin
but i’ll keep a memory of

waiting in the rain
as silver fell on us
and we smiled again
Track Name: O Small Bird Wakening
baby’s going away
she’ll be leaving today
ain’t no making believe that she’ll stay
baby’s going away

baby wants a new life
she’s gonna give up this fight
and you can’t try to hold her, you ain’t got the right
baby wants a new life

baby’s leavin’ again
she says ‘it’s time to begin’
and if she’s gonna come back, she cannot say when
baby’s leavin’ again

the spiders sail into summer
the old angels have gone away
o small bird, when will it be your turn?
that wide world waits for you today
Track Name: Inverness
i’ve been wondering why do the seagulls cry over inverness
like their hearts are breaking
while the dream i’m waking from has to die
the foolish dream of you and i

now a year has gone since your boat went down
you were never found in that black Ness
are the stories true? did she carry you?
ever deeper, ever further, ever colder?

i’ve been wondering how do the seagulls know that in inverness
you took me in your arms, promised you’d come for me
to hear them cry you’d think those gulls were on my side

all i want is a little peace
to sit alone and to listen to
the gulls of inverness
Track Name: I Take It All Back
baby i take it all back
i take it all back
i was out of my head

baby i was out of my head
out of my mind
i take it all back

i didn’t mean to make you cry
i only tried to make you angry
if you leave now, turn your back
on me now, don’t look back

just put your coat down
just take your shoes off
just shut that door now
we both know you wanna stay
Track Name: Expect Me To Believe
how do you expect me to believe
such a place exists on the same earth
as the one i walk day in and day out
with my head down and my back bent

and do you expect me to believe
such a face exists on the same earth
as the one i walk day in and day out
with my head down and my back bent
under the weight

every day i walk by the same sea
that swallows fishermen, fathers and fortunes
and i have little use for beauty or grace

so don’t tell me of faraway places
or of fine things, or beautiful ladies
courted and cared for, holding their heads high
things i’ll never know washing the same floors
Track Name: Strawberry Summer
i keep this hope
a brighter light
than i have seen
glowing inside

and life is
turning out to be
less silken and fine
than i had in mind
and more
like an old cotton dress
in the summer
on a clothesline
frayed and faded
wrinkled and tattered
the older the cloth
the more holes there are
the more the sun shines through it

the dream of a dream
was with me awhile
one day i will see
for now it’s goodbye
the end of our strawberry summer

i keep this hope
a greater life
than i have seen
growing inside
Track Name: Amaryllis
i’ve been watching a flowerpot
for signs of life
looking for small reminders
it’s gonna be all right

i wonder if you can see me from
the other path you walk
if you saw me stumbling
just a wayward little seed
you might be ashamed of me

i don’t know how long
i’ve withered in this place
just waiting for the sunlight
to start a work on me
oh everything will change
any day

like an amaryllis
someone gave me once
for christmas
this is not gonna be the ending
i’m gonna come up again
gonna break through again
gonna bloom again

out of dust the crushing ground
another life’s begun
some day we all will rise
like flowers in the sun

some day we’ll be together again
like flowers in the sun
Track Name: Dreaming Of When
i’m gonna make myself a quilt
of bright-colored patches
sewn together by hand

and wrap myself in it
and wrap myself tightly
and drift off to sleep with
your voice in my ears
dreaming of when
dreaming of when
dreaming of when you were here

i’m gonna plant myself a garden
of bright-colored roses
foxglove and morning glory

and walk through it slowly
with wind moving my hair
and listen for footsteps
as my eyes fill with tears
dreaming of when
dreaming of when
dreaming of when you were here

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